Update: Unexpected Haulage – 3 Weeks Later

I've seen this type of post on a couple of YouTube channels and thought it was a great idea, so here I go. Three weeks after my Unexpected Haulage, here's how the products I purchased are faring, and my thoughts on them. (Fair warning: this is fairly long for an update post.) Herb Day 365 … Continue reading Update: Unexpected Haulage – 3 Weeks Later


Empties #1 – March 2017

Here we go! I managed to use up a bunch of stuff recently (mostly skincare and samples), so here's my trash!! I noticed as I was photographing the products, that I have a lot of First Aid Beauty in here. I think I can accurately label FAB as the gateway drug of skincare. Fist Aid … Continue reading Empties #1 – March 2017