About Me

I’m Ella, a 30-something Canadian girl who just wants to talk about all things beauty.

I’ve always made an effort to keep my online and offline/professional life separate, so as I begin this journey into blogging, I will be using a different name.

I’ve been lurking in the beauty community on YouTube for years, and started to make the transition into reading blogs. I always wanted to be more involved in online communities in some way, but the YouTube comment sections scare me sometimes. Then I discovered the active blogging and Instagram communities, and have decided to join, albeit anonymously.

As the majority of my friends are male (and more interested in LAN parties than the latest foundation), and none of my family members have any interest in this area, either, I don’t have too many people to share my love of all-things beauty with.

This is also an exercise is trying to control my spending on makeup and skincare. (And hair care, let’s all be honest here.) After a very spend heavy January, where I bought enough hydrating serums and liquid lipsticks to last me until the apocalypse, I came to the conclusion that I need to find another way to channel my energy.

So, as they say, ‘Tada!’. *jazz hands*

Now, since I’m always curious about these things, here’s some nitty gritty about me…

– Fair – super fair. In fact, if you pulled out the lightest shade of foundation in the store, it’s likely too dark for me.

– Type: combination in the winter, oily AF in the summer. Usually this change happens in April and September, over the course of a few days.

– Also, dehydrated.

– Acne-prone? Sensitive? Not really. I get the occasional spot, but my best pimple days are luckily behind me. And so far, my skin can handle just about anything.


– I believe the official term is ‘colour-treated’, but I prefer to think of it as ‘dye-d into submission’. I’ve been dying my hair all shades of red since I was 19, and have no inclination to stop. (I have a vague idea of what my natural hair colour is based on the roots I get, and I’m not overly impressed.)

– Very fine, and a lot of it.