Spring Eyes – Pink Shimmers and Glitters

Hello, All!

Spring is just around the corner – or so I’m told – and I thought I would share 5 of my go-to shimmery pink eyeshadows.

I have used each and every one of these as part of an every day work look, as they work beautifully to give a neutral eye a little bit of a pop. I have a lot of pink/rose-toned eyeshadows in my collection, but these are the ones I keep going back to again and again.


NYX Lid Lingerie - Rose Pearl

NYX Lid Lingerie in Rose Pearl

NYX Lid Lingerie in Rose Pearl (LIDLI 02): This is a nice light pink with a rosy undertone that works really well with my fair skin. I’m not a huge fan of the Lip Lingerie, but the Lid Lingerie is a different story. It’s a nice, creamy formula that dries down to a powder finish, and if you use a shadow primer underneath, it doesn’t move. I can’t say ‘no creasing’, because with hooded eyes and oily eyelids I always have creasing, but at the end of the day the product is still mostly on my eyelids and still looks great.


MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Vintage Selection: I talked about this in my Products to use up in 2017, and it’s actually the first shimmery pink I picked up in my collection. It’s on the darker side of this pink category, taking on a mauve undertone when it’s on the eye, but it’s still a great pink-toned shadow that I often use for work or a night out. The shimmer is this is a little heavier than the NYX one, as it can be amped up to a full metallic foiled look easily, but applying it with fingers or a small shader brush is an easy way to sheer it out. The MAC paint pot formula really is a great one, and while I tend to use an eyeshadow primer under this, it can be used alone as the staying power is that great.


Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide On Eye Shadow in ME-54: MUFE makes some of the best eye products around. No one can really deny that. This shade is described as a ‘metallic pinky-beige’ on the MUFE website, but I would call it a straight up pink shimmer. These shadow pencils are right up there in quality for me, as once you put them on the eye they stay there. I have the least amount of creasing with this product. I will mention that they do dry out a bit after awhile, which can make it a little tougher to draw it onto the lid, and as it dries out the colour payoff is a little less. I ended up originally purchasing this one because on the eyes, it is a straight up dupe for the next shadow on this list.

Naked 3 02

Urban Decay Naked 3 palette – shadow Buzz shown by *

Urban Decay Naked 3 in Buzz: As stated above, the MUFE pencil was purchased because it was a dupe for this one, and as I already had a sizeable dent in the pan, I wanted a backup for when this colour inevitably ran out. UD is another brand that has great shadow quality, though they do have some trouble with glittery shades, but a lot of brands do when it comes to straight up foiled glitter. Buzz is a darker toned pink with heavy glitter in it, and the reason I have such a big dent in it is that you need to really dig in to get the full colour payoff. You may notice that there are 2 other shimmery pinks in this palette, but I don’t use them. Dust (second from the left) is really too pale for my taste and the glitter is too chunky, plus there’s not a lot of colour payoff even when you dig in. Burnout (3rd from the left) is more satin-shimmer than the full out metallic-shimmer of Buzz, but again it’s just that bit too light for my taste – though I may start using it more once I’ve used up Buzz.


La Palette Nude 2 02

L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2 – shade #2 shown with *

L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2 in shade #2: There’s no actual name for this shade, and on the back of the palette this is called #2 as it’s the second shade in the palette. Original, right? This shadow is another one that’s on the mauve side, but is more satin than the foiled look of the MAC one above. As you can see from the dusty palette (please ignore that) I do use the provided brush, and it’s one of the few that come with palettes that I actually semi-like. The brush end is the perfect size for inner-corner highlight, and the sponge-top applicator is the best tool I’ve found for packing shadow on the lid. You can probably see from the deep groove in the pan that I do like to dig that sponge-tip applicator in there.

pink shimmer swatches

Swatches of shimmery pink eyeshadows. From top: NYX Lid Lingerie in Rose Pearl, MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection; MUFE Aqua Matic Eye Shadow pencil in ME-54; Urban Decay Naked 3 palette in Buzz; L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2 shade #2.


What’s your favourite Spring colour? Are you up for shimmer/glitter? Or more of a matte shadow lover? Let me know in the comments.

— Ella



One thought on “Spring Eyes – Pink Shimmers and Glitters

  1. Oh that NYX Lid Lingerie in Rose Pearl is stunning! I’ve only recently heard about that product – very tempted to try it.
    Do you use a primer before you use it? I find it helps a lot for my oily lids. Right now I’m using the Nars primer.
    How do you find the quality of the L’Oreal palette? The shade you featured is so pretty.
    I’m really been gravitating toward peachy tones lately. I do like shimmers but not too much glitters.


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