Mascara Monday: Joe Fresh Lash Plump Volumizing Mascara

Welcome to another installment of Mascara Monday!

This week’s mascara is for my Canadian peeps, where I’ll be reviewing and testing out the Lash Plump Volumizing Mascara from Canadian brand Joe Fresh.

JoeFresh LashPlump 01

Joe Fresh Lash Plump Volumizing mascara in Black

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Joe Fresh is a Canadian brand under the umbrella of the Loblaws corporation. For those non-Canadians out there, Loblaws is a grocery chain, and like all other companies of the same ilk, have expanded many of their stores to a more Walmart-one-stop-shop. Joe Fresh is a brand sold in most Superstores (the gigantic grocery stores), and encompasses clothing for the entire family. The brand can also be found in some stand alone stores (there’s one here in Ottawa), but mostly you’ll find a selection in any of the grocery stores that are part of the company.

They also came out with a makeup brand, which is what I’m interested in. This can be found in the makeup/beauty sections of the aforementioned Superstores, and most recently, select Shoppers Drugmarts. (Oddly enough, the makeup line cannot be found on the website.)

I’ve tried out 1 or 2 products since I found the display in my local Shoppers, but this is the first time I’ve really put something to the test.

Joe Fresh has several different mascaras available, and they all seem to differ on brush types – I don’t know if the formula is different between them all; I’ll have to look in to that next time I’m back at that Shoppers. They have 5 different mascaras, each one focusing on a different aspect (volumizing, lengthening, defining and extending/feathering) and one argan oil infused (I’ll be staying away from this one).

JoeFresh LashPlump 02

Joe Fresh Lash Plump Volumizing mascara + box.

Where to Buy: As stated, the Joe Fresh makeup line can be found in any Loblaws stores that have a beauty department, though I’ve only really seen it in Superstores. It’s also recently popped up at select Shoppers, which I have easier access to, so this is where I picked up this particular mascara for C$10. (No annoying .99 for Joe Fresh. Everything is a solid $ amount.)

Description: As shown, it comes in a solid black, thick tube with minimal writing on it. It’s comparable in size and thickness to the Clinique Chubby Lash mascara and last week’s Super Sizer from CoverGirl, just a little shorter. (It’s truly the shortest mascara I’ve ever owned that wasn’t a deluxe sample.) It’s a simple, glossy black packaging, which I appreciate as I can stand it up on my makeup shelf.

JoeFresh LashPlump 04

Wand: The wand itself is relatively short compared to most other mascaras I’ve used, but I didn’t have a problem with the shorter wand. The brush, on the other hand, is a little much for me. It’s actually a very big, fat brush with lots of bristles, which makes it very hard to get the smaller lashes in the inner corner, and almost all of the bottom lashes, without making a mess.

JoeFresh LashPlump 05

Joe Fresh Lash Plump Volumizing mascara brush vs CoverGirl Super Sizer brush. (Shown for size comparison of brushes.)

Formula: So far, I don’t really have many complaints about the formula. There’s no added fragrance like some high end brands I’ve tried (I’m looking at you, YSL), and it doesn’t smell like I’m putting latex paint on my lashes (most mascaras). It’s a drier formula, and very black. When it dries, it leaves my lashes still feeling soft and moveable, rather than stiff and crunchy.

Application: I did get natural-looking voluminous lashes when I used this, but the application of this was a little more difficult than I’m used to. My eyes are a little smaller than average, so the bigger wand made application a little harder than normal. I was always worried I was going to poke myself in the eye (I actually did, once, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.) Additionally, the more dense brush made it hard to coat the lashes quickly and easily. I found I had to work twice as hard to get my lashes coated. The bigger brush also had other side effects – the brush was so dense that to get a good application I had to push the wand harder against my lashes, which resulted in me getting mascara on my eyelid. It was even harder to get my bottom lashes coated, and I often ended up with more under my lash line.

JoeFresh LashPlump 03

Wear Time: From what I could tell, this held up well until about the 8-9 hour mark. After that point it was a crapshoot. I had an unexpectedly long day during the week, where I wore this for almost 12 hours straight (all work related, ugh!) and it didn’t look too bad at the end of the day. But I also wasn’t too observant at 2am when I was taking my makeup off, and anything under my eyes could have been the exhaustion showing through.

At the end of the day: I did have fallout most days, but it was minimal (especially after trying Stashy’s trick of putting oil absorbing powder under the bottom lash line – Thanks Stashy!! Worked great!). I never curl my lashes, because I have naturally hooded eyes and my lashes curl enough when I put on mascara that I find I don’t need any added curl. That said, I found that my lashes looked flat at the end of the day. It’s something I’ve rarely seen with mascaras, but maybe I just wasn’t looking or noticing before.

Final Thoughts: Overall, it’s a solid mascara. If you can make the brush work for you, without getting an artificial black eye like me, and you have no trouble with curling your lashes, then I would recommend giving this one a try.

Days Worn: 5 of 7 days

Rating: 7.5/10 – marks off for the difficulty with the brush and the flat lashes.

Next Week ….. another one for my Canadian peeps: Annabelle Full Blast mascara!

Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations for me to test out – just keep in mind that I’m in Canada, and that I put a $15 limit on the mascaras I’m testing.

— Ella


3 thoughts on “Mascara Monday: Joe Fresh Lash Plump Volumizing Mascara

  1. used to carry the makeup but they stopped when the brand went into Shoppers – so weird. Now you can find them listed on the Shoppers site:
    The wand on this bad boy looks a lot like the Prestige My Biggest Lashes mascara – it’s gigantic! 😮 For some reason, the fatter brushes do seem to deliver on volume for me once I stop getting mascara all over my eyelids…
    I’m going to have to give this a whirl to see how I get on with it.

    Have you tested out any of the Essence mascaras?

    Liked by 1 person

    • For me, the biggest problem with the brush was that it was really dense and hard to get the mascara on my lashes. I’ve tried a couple other mascaras with dense brushes, and I had the same problem. This really comes down to personal preferences.
      I have tried an essence mascara – the princess lash volume one. I really did like it, and didn’t have any issues with it until about 4 weeks in when the formula dried out some and it was flake city. Still, pretty good for a $5 mascara. I’m definitely going to be trying out more in their line in the future.


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